5 Gadgets & Tools that Make Teachers’ Lives Easier

You never appreciate them until you desperately need them. Some helpful tools in the classroom are overlooked. For instance, you may not know how projector stands can make your life easier. Know the gadgets that make your life simpler:

1. Portable Projector Stands

You’re about to give a presentation to your students. But you’re having a tiny problem. The laptop and projector need to be positioned in one spot, but you don’t have a viable stand in sight. At that moment, you realise things would be so much easier—if only you had a projector floor stand.

Projector stands have compartments for the projector and laptop—so you can operate your presentation without blocking the projectors’ lens. Plus, projector stands are portable. Seriously, how could anyone miss to see their practicality?

2. Tablet Storage and Charging Base

Students and teachers love a neat, space-saving tool. And they will be thankful for having it once charging stations start to get messy.

If your students use tablets, you will find the Really Good Tablet Storage & Charging Base helpful. This storage bin has six ports, each having a 2A output. It also comes with sticker labels and anti-scratch silicone bumpers. And if you buy in bulk, you can choose from its wide array of colours.

3. Portable Scanner

Gone are the days when teachers struggled on digitising printed documents. And answered prayers for streamlined print-to-PDF converting come in portable scanners.

If you’re a teacher who frequently works with print and PDF materials, you’ll find joy in spending for a high-performing scanner. Invest in a device that simultaneously converts your files into PDF as you’re scanning them. A good example is the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i.

As for your students, they will surely gush over a handheld gadget. You can take a look at the Pettstore Portable iScan Office Handheld Scanner or the Intelli-Scanner if you’re searching for lightweight scanners.

4Wireless Presenters

Another tool that will make you drool! Invest in the best wireless presenter and you can “plug ‘n play” in the classroom with no fuss. Wireless presenters come with a receiver, which you plug in the USB ports of your laptop or PC. The receiver then helps you navigate the MS PowerPoint app with the use of your presenter. So convenient and practical—a worthy investment for savvy educators.

5. Portable Streaming Device

Yes, you do need this. And you will love it! Devices like Chromecast and Apple TV are ideal for educators. They help you stream videos, music, and photos in a TV set. What’s even better is their ability to display local content from your laptop or PC, such as MS PowerPoint presentations. So, if you want a projector and streaming device in one, this is your gadget.

How do they work? It’s pretty simple. You just connect them to your TV set via an HDMI cable. After that, it should connect to a wireless network. Next thing that happens is the magic of streaming internet content.

Final Notes

There you have it—the top gadgets for educators that make life more fun and easier. Now, don’t look for these gadgets from any provider. Invest in a product from a high-quality supplier. 3D HD Gear is a premium supplier of audio and video equipment.

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